List of typos in chapter 1

page 10, at the last paragraph, "probability of avoiding absorption for 20 steps is 0.00054 from state 3" should be state 1 [YoungJun Song]
page 10, at the last paragraph, "0.00081 from state 1" should be state 3 [YoungJun Song]
page 10, bottom of page. This is not so much a typo as a comment. The author gave the limiting distribution of gambler's ruin and said that "we will see this later." But I could not locate exactly where this discussion take place later in the book. A clear reference will be helpful. [Joe Chen]
page 14, proof of T1.5: y_i \neq y should be y_i \neq x.
page 20, matrix in the middle of paragraph, after "using the TI 83 calculator", should be row 1 = (-.3, .2, 1), row 2 = (.3, -.5, 1), row 3 = (.2, .4, 1) [YoungJun Song]
page 21, Says "probaiblistic" instead of "probabilistic." [Greg Hill]
page 27, Says "ptential" instead of "potential" [Andrew Levine]
page 30, There are only four square spaces in Monopoly, the rest are rectangles. [Andrew Levine]
page 35, Example 1.26. p(0,1) should be 1/2.
page 36, just before section 1.6.4., there is a mysterious sentence fragment "m. To help explain the concept." This should be deleted. [Joe Chen]
page 37, "posterior distributons" should instead be "posterior distributions" [Greg Hill]
page 43, beginning of Theorem 1.22: "If p is an irreducible…" [Joe Chen]
page 58, case ii should refer to figure 1.4 instead of 7.6. Case iii, replace x with y in the formula for phi'(y).
page 58 (cont.), third from last line: "If we modify the branching process, so that p(0,1) =1, then in the modified process" is an incomplete sentence. Not sure where this is going. [Joe Chen]
page 63 1.7, question mark missing at end of question [Andrea Liu]
page 64, 1.10(c). The transition matrix is NOT doubly stochastic. For a quick fix, change the last row to (0, .3, 0, .7). [Joe Chen]
page 75, the bishop's walk is not irreducible, so referring to "the" stationary distribution is misleading.
page 76, in both Exercises 1.76 & 1.77, the reference to "Example 7.2" should be changed to "Example 1.52."

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