List of typos in chapter 2

page 79, in the proof of 2.11 an ellipsis is missing in the exponent \lambda_1 + \cdots + \lambda_n.
page 81, Theorem 2.4: "X_1 + … + X_k = Poisson( \lambda_1 + … + \lambda_n)" should have the n be a k or the other way around [Greg Hill]
page 82, Lemma 2.5: "N( t + s) - N( s), t \geq 0 is a rate \lambda Poisson process…" should be 'N( t + s) - N( s), t \geq 0 is a rate \lambda t Poisson process…' which matches Theorem 2.7 (ii) [Greg Hill]
page 84, Theorem 2.9: "Let X_{n,m}, …" should be "Let X_m, …" [Joe Chen]
page 85, inequality at the end of line 11: "2p(1-e^{-p} \leq 2p^2" is missing a right bracket, should be "2p(1-e^{-p}) \leq 2p^2". [Joe Chen]
page 85, in between lines 13 and 14 there should be a "\leq" sign, that is: the total variation distance between (X_1+\cdots +X_n) and (Y_1 +\cdots + Y_n) is bounded above by the total variation distance between (X_1,\cdots, X_n) and (Y_1,\cdots, Y_n). [Joe Chen]
page 92, question marks missing in exercises 2.1 and 2.14t
page 98, in exercise 2.49 "Wayne Gretsky" should read "Wayne Gretzky" [Allen He]

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