List of typos in chapter 4

pg 123, "This construction is useful because Y_n is simpler to simulate than X(t) … " [Tom Chen]
pg 132, "Adding up the $\pi$'s gives (1125+225+30+2)c/2 = 1382c/2 so c = 2/1382 " [Tom Chen]
pg 133, In last paragraph, "be the time of the first visit to x" should be "be the time of the first visit to k" [Greg Hill]
pg 135, "This is particularly simple because the [delete additional “the”] time in each state i > 0 is exponential … " [Tom Chen]
pg 135, the first equations for g(1) and g(2) are all messed up, there should not be a fraction over g but instead a fraction times g(2) , g(3). The g should never be in a fraction [Greg Hill]
page 149, "stays in each one for ONE unit of time"

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