List of typos in chapter 6

page 161 bottom, "the martingale to M_n" should be "to the martingale M_n".
page 201 bottom, "soolving" should be "solving" [Parvez AG]
page 203 exercise 6.3 "proce" should be "price"[Parvez AG]
page 203 exercise 6.3 "the the" should just be "the" [Parvez AG]
page 202 bottom, On December 5, 2011, Google stock traded between $622 and $631. It never reached $620 [Parvez AG]
page 202 bottom "With the help of a little spreadsheet" should be "With a little help from a spreadsheet"[Parvez AG]
page 202 bottom "predcits" should be "predicts" [Bryan Chong]

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